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Phase 3 - Starts on slope stabilization using a reinforced soil slope system and irrigation system, pedestrian trail, in-stream pedestrian footbridges; picnic tables, benches, trash receptacles, drinking fountains and trail signage. Concentrating on The Bike Trail System, new routes along the river, street connections to make neighborhood access easier and Pavilions/shade structures. Further details on the improvements, history and other Information can be found here.

RamRoc's masonry division (Vincent Masonry) under subcontract to Zachry Corp., is playing an integral role in this project. The project implements fish and wildlife habitat restoration activities and construction of recreational  features along and within the river.  The project is to be constructed in a minimum of four phases, sequentially moving from upstream to downstream.

Ecosystem Restoration & Recreation​

Location : San Antonio, Texas

Owned by San Antonio River Authority

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